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Off Page Optimization Steps
1. Directory Submission
2. Article submission
3. Social bookmaking
4. Forum posting
5. Blog Creations
6. Blog Posting
7. Press Release submission
8. RSS Feed Directory submission
9. Local Classifieds Add
10. Global Classifieds Add
11. Free Yellowpages
12. Image Optimization
13. Video Optimization
14. Social Networking sites Add.
15. Free Advertisement

On Page Optimization Steps
1. Keyword research and Analysis
2. Doc type Analysis
3. Optimization of title tags of all important pages
4. Optimization of other Meta tags (Description etc…)
5. Optimization of header tags H1, H2, and H3
6. Analysis of bold tag
7. Optimizing JavaScript and CSS codes
8. Optimization of non index able attributes like Frames
9. Optimizing HTML Source Code
10. Image optimization
11. Hyperlink Optimization
12. Optimizing internal linking structure (Navigation)
13. Optimization of external Links
14. Broken links analysis & correction
15. W3c Validation
16. Creation & Optimization of HTML Site Map
17. Creation, Optimization & Submission of Yahoo (TEXT) Site Map
18. Creation, Optimization & Submission of Google (XML) Site Map
19. Website architectural correction
20. Content Optimization
21. Canonicalization error correction
22. Blog Setup
23. Google Analytics Setup
24. Google Webmaster setup
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• Researching information online
• Strong SEO Fundamentals and should be expert in On Page and Off Page optimization
• Complete understanding of search engine trends & algorithms
• Keyword research and competitive analysis
• Good understanding of keyword density in page content
• Handling Meta tags and Keywords
• Understanding of Web Statistics and Analytic Tools
• Directory/article/press release submissions
• Proficiency in HTML, XHTML, CSS
• Solid knowledge of XML Feeds, RSS Feeds, Atom Feeds & submissions
• Must have strong written & oral English skills
• Online forum participation
• Able to work independently as well as part of a team
• A Duty involves Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Promotion etc.
• Knowledge of SEO and Internet marketing strategies.

Skills Required
•  Analyse current websites and provide a well defined site assessment on
current natural search performance
•  Understand the major technical factors that influence natural search
crawlability, indexing and keyword ranking.
•  Strong SEO Fundamentals and should be an expert in On Page and Off Page
optimization techniques (including dynamic sites optimization).
•  Perform Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities, including
but not limited to, identification and analysis of performance metrics; keyword
research and ranking analysis; competitive market audits; link building;
implementation of SEO best practices.
•  Proactively present recommendations along with benefits in order to
achive goals and objectives.
•  Strong understanding of social media optimization techniques, RSS,
Social search, social networking, blogging and video
•  Knowledge of HTML, XML, CSS & related tools
•  Understanding analytics, how to measure performance and report
regularly on SEO progress
•  Assess, manage and report on inbound link building strategies
•  Provide keyword research as requested
•  Initiate, monitor and manage link acquisition strategies
•  Provide monthly site health-checks

Good Keyword
What keywords should you use? Think about what your prospective customers type in when they are looking for you. “Try to think from a user’s perspective,”

When you have a good set of keywords, put them into the URLs, page titles, and content of your Web pages. “There are lots of little tricks to this,”

“For example, the most effective page titles are about 75 characters long and include the most important keywords at the beginning. On each page, keywords and phrases should represent 2% to 3% of the total content.” Don’t overdo the use of key search terms, however. “If a search engine’s algorithms interpret your site as a keyword hog, it will pass it by,
Web Promotion
Next, you’ll want to link your site to other sites, which will both increase traffic overall to your site and boost your search engine rankings, since the search engines pick up on the number of times people link to and from your site and rank you higher accordingly. So do things like listing your site with online business directories, even if you think no one will find you through them. “Those links may not produce any direct leads, but they could bump you up in the search engine rankings, especially if they are popular or highly visited sources,
You should also formally submit your site to themajor search engines, which allows them to index it. Include at least Yahoo (YHOO), Google, and MSN (MSFT), but don’t necessarily limit it to those three. People searching the Internet don’t all use the same search engines. “Research shows that older audiences still like AOL (TWX) and professional audiences tend to like MSN and Google, while younger audiences often like Yahoo. Only about one-third of users use one search engine consistently,”

Knowing your audience will help you decide which search engines to optimize for. Go to their home pages and search “how do I submit my site?” to get easy instructions.
Flash won’t help ranking
Use plenty of text on your site, even in your drop-down menus, your headers, and your footers on each page. Text is what the search engine crawlers are looking for. Text within Flash-based components won’t help, however. “This text is not accessible to the search engine site crawlers, and will not get picked up. Flash looks great, but it won’t help boost your search rankings,”

Search engine optimization is technical and can be time-consuming, since the major search engines are constantly changing their methodology to stay ahead of competitors. That means you have to keep jockeying for position so your site gets noticed.
Virtual tour guides
If you engage an SEO firm, consider the cost and the return on investment, remembering that moving up in the search rankings is a gradual process that may take several months. Chances are, if your corporate competitors control the top 10 search engine results spots, it will be costly and perhaps even impossible to dethrone them.

The good news is that search engine rankings are free, and online searching is the third-most-frequent activity for people who are online: Only checking e-mail and Web surfing rank higher, McPherson says. “Search engines not only help users find you, they play virtual tour guide by taking users directly to the page with the information they’re seeking.”